Automated Controllers


Why Automate Now?


Filtration is only one step in the clarification process; the real key to crystal clear water is disinfection. Chemical Controllers deliver continuous disinfection with pinpoint accuracy by precisely controlling chlorine, bromine or ozone.

  • Monitor and control water quality continuously around the clock.
  • Automatically adjust rates at which chemicals are added.
  • Make the pool sparkle while maintaining constant water quality despite changes in bather load or other conditions.
  • Eliminate 90% of the work and 100% of the headaches.

BRS Pool Spa & Fountain is South Florida’s Authorized Distributor for Prominent Controllers. In addition we also offer other brands in order to fit your needs

  • Prominent
  • CAT Controllers
  • BEC’s

Chemical Controllers can CUT CHEMICAL COSTS UP TO 30%.

  • Continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of chemical additions prevent overdosing and maximize the effectiveness of expensive chemicals.


A properly designed flow cell ensures the perfect sensor-water contact. Without it, the sensor is effectively blind. Our flow cell incorporates an automatic air purging chamber with a see-through inspection cover. A pressure gauge, sampling cock, isolating valves and a flow switch complete the installation.

Controller Accessories

  • Automatic Sensor Clean
  • Signal Transmitters for Remote Installations
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure and Vacuum Transducers
  • Flow Transducers
  • Liquid Level Sensors
  • Turbidimeter
  • Conductivity/TDS Sensor
  • Turbidimeter Sensor
  • FREE Chlorine PPM Probe

Flow Switch

The flow switch ensures that chemicals will always be fed into a flowing water stream, to eliminate bather contact dangers. Any no-flow alarm condition signals the controller to shut off all chemical feed circuits immediately. We use a paddle-wheel style flow switch with a see-through cover and an “ON STREAM” indicator light.

pH and ORP sensors

Both pH and ORP sensors contain a proprietary inorganic gel. Each sensor contains a high volume of this gel which guarantees an extremely long life.

Our ORP sensor is specifically designed to complement our ORP technology. It utilizes 99.999% pure platinum. Its unique liquid junction incorporates porous Teflon ® , to minimize clogging and prolong sensor life.

Windows Based PC SOFTWARE

Windows based PC software programs that give you instant access to swimming pool and spa data with the click of a mouse. Access to an unlimited number of pools is possible from any IBM ® -compatible, modem-equipped personal computer. You can use any IBM-compatible PC to run these programs. Since a dedicated computer is not required, your facility saves money.
The data modem can call out to pagers, fax machines or a remote computer to notify any alarm conditions. Data voice modems will call out alarms to telephones.
These software systems can be programmed for auto-polling if you want to download data automatically from several locations during off hours. They can even be programmed to provide the data as a fax on a predetermined schedule.

  • Manage every pool from your PC. Reduce your reliance on pool deck staff. Verify proper chemistry levels. Check to see if maintenance has been performed as scheduled.
  • You can keep records of pool water quality forever. Verify bather safety and comfort in your aquatic facility.
  • Let the pool tell you when there’s a problem. Catch problems early before damage is severe. Avoid the need to send maintenance staff to check every pool by sending them out only when and where there’s a problem.
  • Reduce your downtime. When you need service, it’ll be quicker and less expensive.
  • Give yourself the information you’ve always lacked for a true quality management program of pool water.
  • Provides better data analysis and is the most user-friendly software on the market today. Displays real-time, on-line information for multiple pools. Provides two manager level access codes and six operator level access codes. All access codes are unique to the individual user and can be changed as needed.
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