ADA Requirements

According to the current Department of Justice guidance, by January 31, 2013, all existing pools and spas at lodging facilities must do the following if it is “readily achievable”:

·  Provide at least one means of entry (pool lift or slopped entry) as long it is readily achievable.  Pools with 300 linear feet of wall or more must have a pool lift or entry, and one additional means of entry which can be one of the following:  (1) pool lift; (2) sloped entry; (3) transfer system; (4) transfer wall; or (5) pool stairs.

·  Have the pool lift out in position and ready for use all hours the pool is open.

·  Each body of water (e.g., pools, spas) must have a separate means of entry (there are special rules for clusters of spas).

·  Pool lifts must be attached to the pool deck or apron in some manner unless it is not readily achievable to affix them.

At BRS Pool Spa & Fountain we can outfit your facility with the necessary equipment in order to meet or exceed the guidelines set forth in the new law. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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